Tinker Fest Entry Restrictions - Please read

Entry to Tinker Fest is restricted to school students, their parents, school teachers/co-ordinators and principals:

  1. Students MUST come in school uniform and carry school id card. 
  2. Parents MUST be accompanied by child. If you are dropping off your child or want to come back later, please collect badge from the registration area.
  3. School teachers and co-ordinators must carry their school id cards.

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Speaker Sessions

Game Design & Development as a career option


By Rajat Ojha

Saturday, November 24, 2018

From 11 am

Many children these days are interested in gaming as a career option. But some parents don't think very highly of the act of gaming itself. Did you know that a career in game development is a very lucrative choice in this day and age. And only the very best, intelligent and creative individuals can succeed in it. Game development is a rock star career track. Developers are known by their names and not just the company they work for, unlike what it is in other professions.

Developing scientific attitude and aptitude in children


By Megha Bhatt

Saturday, November 24, 2018

From 2:30 pm 

It is important to nurture creativity and curiosity in kids - specially for seemingly difficult subject like Science. How does a child embrace Science? What is research? Is research possible by school-going children? How to instil "out of the box" thinking? How to generate scientific temperament in kids by parents? How to create scientific environment at home?  How other facets of art can be combined with Science to make the subject interesting to kids?

Why it is important for children to learn coding?


By Aniruddha Deswandikar 

Sunday, November 25, 2018

From 1:30 pm 

Coding is of the most fundamental skills in today's world. It requires problem solving skills and logical thinking ability. Imagine you are given a problem. How do you solve it? In most cases, you are likely to begin with breaking it down to get a better idea of the problem at hand. This is exactly how programming works. To learn a programming language is to develop a structured way of thinking, which is a skills that would help a child in any walk of life. 

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speaker Profile

Rajat Ojha


Rajat has been in the game industry for over 23 years now and has done pioneering work right from pocket pc era to console and VR. He started playing video games at the age of 14 and decided to make a career in gaming only. He released his first game in 1995 and there’s no looking back since then and he has worked on over 50 games, simulation and full blown theme parks in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, USA, India and many other locations and credited for titles like Resident Evil, Battlefield, Final Fantasy and many more.

Today, Rajat’s company, Gamitronics,  is recognized as one of the leading theme park and game development company globally. He is awarded by Chief Minister and IT minister for contribution towards innovation. He is an active speaker in various international conferences and is the only jury from Indian origin in the prestigious Serious Play Conference. 

Megha Bhatt


Dr. Megha Bhatt - an Educationist and Scientist - is founder of Experiential Science Academy "SciKnowTech" in Ahmedabad. She is also associated as faculty in universities like PDPU, Nirma & Gujarat University. A passionate teacher, Ph.D. from ISRO herself, she carries with her 23 years of experience of teaching as well as research and is also associated with organizations like NCSC, Gujcost and Department of Science & Technology.

The main aim of SciKnowTech is to develop to build Scientific temperament and aptitude in children. SciKnowTech has different wings concentrating on various programmes like year-long graded main programme, convening workshops in schools, running science clubs in schools and carrying out teacher's training to spread science in meaningful way in the society and expose the kids to "Experiential Learning" of science.

Aniruddha Deswandikar


Aniruddha started his journey in computing at the age of 15 when his school won a government lottery to receive two BBC Unicorn Personal Computers in 1985. After building his first text-based "guess the number" game on these machines using GWBasic, there was no looking back.

He graduated as Computer Engineer from University of Pune in 1992 and worked as a developer for 13 years across startups and large enterprises. He then joined Microsoft in 2006 as a Technology Architect. Today, he manages a team of Data & AI architects across India who help build solutions that Digitally Transform businesses. Before Microsoft, Aniruddha worked for He has run multiple programs in Microsoft where they invited students to provide them an immersive experience with technology and bridging the gap between academics and real-world computing requirements.