About Tinker Fest

Tinker Fest is a Festival of Creativity and Hands-on Learning in school students. It is a platform that brings together three well-connected aspects of a fest: competition, workshop and exhibition. It is MakersLoft’s flagship annual event to encourage 21st century skills in children. We have an exciting theme for this year which is "Amusement Park" 


Expected footfall of over 10,000 over 2 days from

  • School students
  • Parents
  • Teachers, Principals & school decision makers
  • Educational solution providers

Important Dates (tentative)

  • October 6, Saturday– Deadline for registration for inter-school innovation competition
  • October 13, Saturday – Deadline for School Projects submission
  • November 12, Monday– Top 10 schools that will exhibit at Tinker Fest, announced & deadline for registration for individual competition
  • November 24 & 25, Sat & Sun – Main event

Event Format


  • Inter-school  innovation competition
  • Individual student competitions for students 7-18 years old on both days


  • For schools to showcase their creativity
  • Top 10 schools’ projects will be showcased in gallery
  • Awards for top 3 schools


  • For students to acquire skills
  • For teachers and parents on latest trends on STEM education and 21st century skills

Why participate in Tinker Fest?


  • Recognition for school
  • Encourage creativity and innovation in students
  • Teachers can enhance skills through workshops


  • Develop creativity
  • Inspire others and be inspired
  • Learn new skills
  • Gain confidence
  • Develop communication & presentation skills
  • Have fun
  • Encouragement to follow their passion